D is for DINOSAUR Alphabet File Folder Game - Downloadable PDF Only

D is for DINOSAUR Alphabet File Folder Game - Downloadable PDF Only




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This file folder game features the letter D. Your child will enjoy placing colored dino's in this cute file folder game. In this game you get a 2 piece background to glue on the inside of a file folder. Then you will get 10 different colored dinos. Your child needs to match each colored dino to the right place on the background. Also, at the bottom of the file folder game they can practice writing their D's. If it is laminated or covered with clear contact paper, your child can use a crayon or dry erase marker, and write their letters, then wipe them off over and over again.
It comes full color, ready to print and cut out. Everything fits on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet. There are instructions included on how to make it, and how to play with it. You can print them yourself, or take them to Walmart, Staples, or somewhere similar to have them printed. If you laminate the game or use clear contact paper it will last for years of enjoyment!

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